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As a RIBA Chartered Architecture Company, we follow a strict code of practice.

Our Architects are ARB registered, guaranteeing their high level of education as well as experience.

We are BIDD registered interior designers. To achieve this, we provide many client references as well as have projects examined by BIID assessors.

We hold £10 million in Employers’ and £5 million in Public Liability, plus £2 million in Professional Indemnity insurance. The result is total peace of mind at both ends of the spectrum.

At the end of Project, you will receive :

Six months defects warranty.


Ten years Work Warranty as well as the deposit Protection backed by the UK leading insurance company

or Ten years LABC warranty for the new build property.

Also, we can provide various up to


25 years warranties


for roofs, windows and other parts of our work. These guarantees will be provided by the manufacturers or suppliers of products installed on-site by our trained team

Building a property or reconstructing existing housing is probably the most significant investment you will ever make. If anything goes wrong, it can also become the most expensive. We reduce your risk by enforcing guarantees in case the unplanned occurs.

Your property will be in the safe hands when you choose us.

Warranties differ from insurance by concentrating on the quality of work and covering the cost of complete or partial rebuilding.


Upon client request, HANZO.Design will provide an insurance-backed warranty that includes the first 10 years of the life of a new house or 10 years structural warranty for refurbishment projects.
As per standard practice, new homes are exposed to specific risks, which usually appear in the first two years after completion. This may include walls cracking, penetrating damp, drain function, etc. Also, it is a standard requirement if any sort of finance is involved. Our warranty (known as ‘latent defects insurance’) covers these risks for your home to give you ultimate peace of mind.


Alternatively, HANZO.Design can provide clients with an architect’s certificate instead of a warranty. This document is a signed statement confirming that the house has been supervised during the build period and constructed under accepted building practices. An architect’s certificate has legal validity for six years.

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Money Back Guarantee

HANZO.Design guarantees complete satisfaction for all clients. Decide our service is not for you and notify us within 15 days of your engagement, and we will refund your payment 100% with no questions asked.


HANZO.Design has built a reputation for supporting our clients and looking after their projects. We take that responsibility very seriously.

Public Insurance

Public Liability Insurance covers the site on which a property will stand, or where an existing structure stands. A client who is a site owner needs to protect the land from potential public claims in case of injury or damage. Public Liability Insurance also covers the property concerning client interests. As with land, the client needs to protect the property against unauthorised access, such as by squatters or children.


HANZO.Design provides Standard Public Liability to the amount of £5 million.

Indemnity Insurance

HANZO.Design has in place Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII). It protects the Company against any claim of negligence raised by a client in court, and assists with full cost as well as damages awarded in such a lawsuit.

HANZO has a coverage of £2 million. This cover is also known as Professional liability insurance (PLI).

All Risk Contractor Insurance

Upon client requirements, HANZO.Design provides this policy. In most cases and as per standard practice, this excludes losses due to inadequate packaging, delay, inherent vice, loss of market, etc. The policy does not name the risks covered but lists the exclusions. It includes all unnamed risks automatically.


Moreover, client homes are protected by a policy in place from one of the UK’s leading insurers. This in turn is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and Financial Ombudsman Service.

Employers Liability

As an employer, the company of HANZO.Design is legally required to hold Employers’ Liability Insurance (EL). This insurance protects our employees in case of injury or illness due to work.


HANZO.Design provides Employers’ Liability Insurance to the amount of £10 million.