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Hanzo Design Architect

Royal Institute of British Architects

RIBA history

The RIBA was founded in 1834 for ‘the worldwide promotion of Civil Architecture, and for encouraging

and promoting the acquirement of the knowledge of the many arts and sciences connected in addition to that’.

RIBA doesn't receive any state funding but relies on it 40,000 members, patrons and our charitable

trading processes to make our work possible.

A short history of the RIBA

2014 Launch of London’s first architectural museum at 66 Portland Place, free and accessible to the public.

2009 RIBA partied its 175th jubilee with a series of performances during the year.

1996 RIBA Stirling Prize introduced (televised from 2000).

1984 150th ceremony of the RIBA including the ‘monstrous carbuncle’ talk by Prince Charles at the anniversary banquet.

1960s Expansion of the RIBA as a local organisation. Eastern Region facility in Cambridge was first to open in 1966.

1934 Relocated to the current purpose-built office at 66 Portland Place in central London. Started by King George V and Queen Mary.

1894 Edition of the first RIBA Journal.

1848 Royal Gold Medal initiated by Queen Victoria.

1837 Granted Royal Charter. Much of our initial work was involved with formulating laws for charges, practice and administration.

1834 Institute of British Architects founded.

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