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Cost Advice

When meeting HANZO.Design’s architects, you may already have a budget for a construction project in mind. But how can one be sure this is an accurate estimate of the cost to build this particular design?

HANZO.Design may provide construction cost advice based on the precise assessment of the existing site and potential works. If you believe your budget may be lower than needed, it makes sense to work in close cooperation with HANZO.Design to realise your design with the finance you are prepared to invest.


Other architects calculate building prices by the common ‘£1200-£2500 per square metre’ method, which is incredibly inaccurate. Cost of labour varies enormously by region, and cost of materials can be much higher for a high specification versus a basic finish design. If you don’t want any nasty surprises following months of development and planning permission, work with HANZO on your budget from day one.


At HANZO.Design we give you the peace of mind knowing our designs are within your budget. We prevent your overspending right from the first design sketch we issue you.


We review all new drawings or ideas as soon as they appear and create the item by item estimates of your extension, loft conversion, renovation, basement or new home build costs. Calculating and controlling construction costs this way means you can be confident our architects know about the price of every item they add to the design.

Make correct planned decisions and spend your money most efficiently. A note to remember: HANZO.Design team can commence with project activities on site just a month following our first survey, a considerably shorter period than promised by similar businesses in the UK.

HANZO.Design has ten years work warranty as well as deposit protection scheme, both backed by one of the UK’s leading insurers. Please read our guarantees page.

To see what we are capable of creating, please view our Company accreditations as well as our project galleries (portfolio, gallery, Flickr) to discover how our services can enhance your unique vision.

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