Project Brief

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Project Requirements and Project Brief

An accurate, communicative design brief is a crucial part of our design process and vital point of reference. HANZO.Design will assign a team to your project who will work closely together to complete your design brief. The more info provided during the design stage will result in more accurate project completion. Our experience within this service provides peace of mind for those considering developing their homes, by minimising risk and potential problems.


Client and Approach


The architectural design briefing is conducted differently subject to each client i.e. private customers and commercial clients are approached differently. The differences mainly lie in the experience and priorities applied to domestic and commercial projects, as well as criteria and construction particulars. Most private clients, especially those looking for a high-end refurbishment, conversion or new build, would find it very challenging and time-consuming to produce a design brief – this is why our architects at HANZO.Design will guide you through all phases with total support at all times.


For visualising the process of creating a project brief, HANZO.Design would apply a short checklist to go through and appraise a client’s design ideas and needs. A list of clarifications and questions compiles the brief, based on a client’s specific project, subject to requirements, local authority regulations, planning and conservation restrictions. Naturally, the brief will change and develop together with design evolution – especially in early proposal stages. Active client interaction with HANZO.Design’s architectural team will result in a clearer, more detailed and relevant project brief. Hence, we guarantee a better understanding of your needs.


The scope of clarifications for the domestic, or private project:


Define the property of the future works

What exactly do you like or not like about it?

What would you like to add to it, if anything?

What would you want to remove, if anything?

What would you like to move around, why and where?

Show us ten various images from the internet or magazines you love. This should apply to each area or item you would like to change. For example, you should provide ten pictures of the fireplace if you would want to install a new one.

Same applies to other details of your house, such as tiles, timber flooring, etc.

Are there any features of the design you give particular importance?

What style of finishes do you prefer: modern, contemporary, bold etc.?

What is your timescale? When do you wish to commence and what would be the date of completion?


Remember we can start construction work on your project after one month – this would save you potentially at least a year.


Have you got any family members with disabilities?

Do you want to use more sustainable materials and energy-efficient methods of construction?

What kind of light do you like? Again, ten images of each type of light you like would help

What do you like or dislike outside of your property?

What pets and how many to be accommodated?

How big is your family and how often you are having guests?



Client’s Lifestyle:


How do you like to spend your time when at home?

Do you work from home, hold social parties, accommodate guests?

Do you want home cinema?

Do you like music?

Would you like to have a smart home system of some kind?

Do you have hobbies that require extra space?

Shopaholic? Need many shoe shelves?


Indoor spaces:


How many floors and rooms would you like to have? Describe the purpose of each premise.

How private or open should each room be?


Outdoor spaces:


Do you have any clear plan for the outside area?


Commercial Project Checklist for a Client:


Do you have particular or specific ideas for the future design?

How do you want us to go with the design?

What kind of architectural drawings do we have to provide?

Do you require full M&E package?

Do you have work experience with another architect?

If yes, what is Company / Architect name? Please provide existing plans if you are happy with created design and results.

What is the timescale for this project?

Would you prefer to split a project into several phases?


Fees and Payments:


What is your budget?

How would you like us to calculate our prices?

Do you want to figure costs based on the total project value?


All questions above would serve as a manual for commencing work on a design of the future project, and follow this path. For more technical issues, we address you individually.

HANZO.Design has ten years work warranty as well as deposit protection scheme, both backed by one of the UK’s leading insurers. Please read our guarantees page.

To see what we are capable of creating, please view our Company accreditations as well as our project galleries (portfolio, gallery, Flickr) to discover how our services can enhance your unique vision.