Sketch Proposal

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Sketch Proposal

From the first visit to the premises, analysis made on site, and briefing notes, HANZO.Design will produce and provide the client with an outline sketch proposal.  The time dedicated to this sketch proposal depends on the complexity of the task. HANZO.Design will issue an alternative sketch proposal or a variation for consideration in case of the special client request.


We may also draw on other examples and media to describe the development of our ideas. The agreement between designer and client is sought by discussing ideas, proposals and alternative solutions.



2D CAD Outline sketch proposal

Mood board of HANZO.Design ideas

Play/design rationale


After your first feedback, a HANZO.Design architect will make another home visit, if necessary,  to add to, clarify or modify the given proposal (or electronic report if preferred). We will help you visualise your perfect design and bring it to life through a series of drawings based on your requirements. We can untangle any confusion concerning plants, structure, materials and contractors in any location. Whether revitalising a tiny flat, modernising an old house or designing a new build property from a blank canvas, we work with you to create your own beautifully designed home.

HANZO.Design has ten years work warranty as well as deposit protection scheme, both backed by one of the UK’s leading insurers. Please read our guarantees page.

To see what we are capable of creating, please view our Company accreditations as well as our project galleries (portfolio, gallery, Flickr) to discover how our services can enhance your unique vision.

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