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Appeals – public inquiries, informal hearings, written representation


The situation with the planning applications in the UK is very delicate, and sometimes planning applications are rejected on occasions that seemed distinctly favourable.


Of the more than 85,000 planning applications that were rejected in the United Kingdom in 2011/2012, around 16000 got contested via an appeal to The Planning Inspectorate (PINS). With approximately 35 percent of petitions being allowed by PINS every calendar year, one can assume that a high number of applicants are overlooking on planning approvals they might have acquired, had they decided to appeal.


Referring to statistics by a geographic location, on average 35% of all rejection cases are all in the South East, especially London. One of the most challenging Planning Applications to obtain is for extension works – 7 of the ten councils with the lowest approvals are London boroughs.


HANZO Design Team offers a compassionate service to the Clients, be them private or commercial planning applicants, across the United Kingdom who wish to battle planning decisions and enforcement notices issued by Local Planning Authorities.

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