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A Change of Use application for Change of Use planning permission can be asked in many various situations. In the UK, it is a statutory responsibility to obtain land use consent, and a Change of Use can apply if you need to change the use of your property.


The primary thought when looking at a Change of Use is assuring that your Change of Use application is thoughtfully considered to guarantee that it has the best prospects of success. Hanzo.Design expertise in planning law and Change of Use planning permission can help you with getting land use consent. We can also help on the change of use application provisions and negotiate your constraints within this sector.


Change of Use Application Requirements

Change of Use Planning permission is frequently required for any change of use despite any alterations of ownership. There may be Change of Use application conditions, and we can guide you through your change of use paper. While there are some types of use that do not need planning permission (as set out in the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes Order) 1987), we are frequently asked to assist clients that originally thought they did not need Change of Use planning permission and later discovered that it was required. By this time usually, lots of money has been blown on the cost of a change of use application which is ultimately lost. Early initial consultation on land use consent from our change of use planning permission specialists can help evade unnecessary costs and advise as to the change of use application requirements and the price of change of use application.


If you have changed the use of a property or building and you have not secured permission, you may be shielded under the change of use four-year rule, or the change of use ten-year rule.

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