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Full Planning Application

In case your project is more extensive than some DIY works, you will require a General (Full) Planning Application. There are some exceptions, already discussed in the PERMITTED DEVELOPMENT section. HANZO.Design can study your case and advise if your works require planning consent.


Subject to your project requiring a Full Planning Application, we can assist in preparation and submission of a planning application, or do it on your behalf as your Agent. General planning applications consist of planning application forms (which contain details about the proposed development), detailed drawings of existing and proposed development, prepared by HANZO Architects.


HANZO.Design then will submit a General planning application to the local planning authority on your behalf, paying relevant planning application fee. Local Planning Authorities have eight weeks to assess the planning application. These eight weeks we will optimise the workload to start working on site; hence your project will not be suspended for nearly two months.


HANZO.Design will also take care of a smaller building scheme, for which planning application is passed to an appointed planning officer. S/he will assess and make a decision together with the planning team. In this case, HANZO.Design will act as your Agent and follow the process on your behalf. No stress for you.


In case your project requires a broader or more complex application, or subject to further questions or objections to the proposal, HANZO.Design will refer your application to a planning committee. Then HANZO.Design will continue to follow up the process until the Permission is finally acquired.


There is also an instance when no permission is required at all. Read more about cases requiring no application on our Blog. (https://hanzo.design/gb/en/blog/no-need-planning-permission )


HANZO.Design team is happy to discuss with you your project needs and to assist you on providing relevant information as to how to proceed to obtain all necessary permissions, attain architectural design and to begin with construction works.

HANZO.Design has ten years work warranty as well as deposit protection scheme, both backed by one of the UK’s leading insurers. Please read our guarantees page.

To see what we are capable of creating, please view our Company accreditations as well as our project galleries (portfolio, gallery, Flickr) to discover how our services can enhance your unique vision.

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