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All developments require some Approval or Permission; however, there are particular cases, excluded from the definition of development. These are minor and insignificant upgrades to properties, granted automatic planning permission by law. Asa result they do not require any application for planning permission. These categories refer to Permitted Development. Permitted Development incorporates many areas including minor development works, changes of use, upgrade with no structural change involved, etc.

HANZO.Design can advise on whether the type of property in question is a Householder Permitted Development, that would allow a Client to be well informed about how to proceed.
However, Permitted Development applies to a most private housing with some exceptions and splits into the main classes:
Class A: Enlargement, improvement, extension or alteration of a property
Class B: Alteration or addition the roof such as dormer.

Class C: Any other change to the roof of development.
Class D: Construction of a porch outside any external door of the property.
Class E: An Extra building outside like allowable garden buildings, tanks etc.
Class F: Hard surfaces outside of a property like a driveway paving
Class G: Changes to chimneys, flues etc. on a property.
Class H: Alteration or replacement of a microwave antenna on a roof.

Exceptions to Householder Permitted Development are:
A flat.
A Listed Building
Development located in Conservation Areas.

A World Heritage Site
These are the types of developments that are limited or suspended under Local Authority rules; however, HANZO.Design can advise further.

General Permitted Development
As well as applying to houses, Permitted Development allows specified alterations, changes of use etc. to other buildings, such as retail, commercial, industrial developments.

HANZO.Design is here to assist Clients with identifying the property type, project scope of works and if relevant application is to be submitted. Moreover, in case of the property falling out of the list of permitted building type, HANZO.Design is happy to proceed with the planning permission application or building control application.

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