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Creating an Identity

Colour and images are sharp design elements that establish identity and character by creating a story unique to each home.

Whether planning a new build or renovating an existing home, your ultimate goal is a place that manifests your identity, providing a perfect home for your loved ones.

To guarantee success in this, one needs to focus on interior design elements. HANZO Designers have all the necessary skills to assist you in creating elaborate and beautiful ideas that complement other design aspects.



Customising spaces with colour and interpretive imagery, particular to the place, establishes a link between home and homeowner. Likewise, in commercial construction, creating an identity bond a client with the development. Colours, lighting, furniture, iconic elements, historical elements, photographic images, interior themes, etc. These components create a visual link as well as evoke particular emotions and intuitive links. When this connection is felt, a client retains good memories, emotions and feedback about their experience in designing, building or renovating their home.


We have experience in creating Identity in Design, acquired from good taste to serve you. We offer interior design advice, ideas and solutions to suit any space and budget. If you do not already have a specific concept in mind, we can help you discover it.

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In case you still have some doubts please view Company accreditations and images from our previous projects (portfolio, gallery, Flickr) to ensure we are in line to provide the services you have always been looking for.

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