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The procurement phase of the project commences once the detail design has been agreed and a detailed cost plan has been shared privately with the client. This sets out the cost of each element per room and a summarised project total. To provide the best value for the procurement service, all items supplied have specific discounts.


The discounts scheme is agreed with every client individually. A procurement fee applicable to each project is dedicated to managing every project stage of the procurement process, such as price/delivery negotiation through production/delivery/quality management.


Also, the procurement fee applies to the maintenance of the programme and deals with any post-delivery issues that may arise. HANZO.Design will indicate your specific procurement fee in in the detailed cost plan to avoid any ambiguity.

HANZO.Design has ten years work warranty together with the deposit protection backed by one of the leading UK Insurer. Please read our guarantees page.

In case you still have some doubts please view Company accreditations and images from our previous projects (portfolio, gallery, Flickr) to ensure we are in line to provide the services you have always been looking for.

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