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Project Management


HANZO.Design offers a whole package of services, satisfying client requirements with the end-to-end design and build of their dream project. We go above and beyond to exceed our clients’ expectations.

An experienced project manager is assigned to every project; he applies knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to a range of project-related activities to meet the requirements of any particular project.

HANZO.Design’s sublime project management cultivates the genuine relationships that enable us to create bespoke solutions to architectural or construction problems – together. Hire us and benefit from a single, sleek service package: design, construction and project management.

The process of directing and controlling a project from start to finish may be further divided into five basic phases:

1. Project brief and initiation
All project ideas are carefully examined with the client to determine if it is within practical scope. Preliminary sketch proposals follow with continued client liaison to ensure project completion is realistic.
2. Project definition and planning
An outline sketch proposal, assisted by supportive drawings and project scope, is put in writing that outlines work to be performed. Detailed project and cost analysis are discussed in follow-up client meetings. During this phase, budget, schedule and resources will be calculated. A dedicated project team will also be assigned to deal with further documentation, design and construction.
3. Project launch or execution
HANZO.Design’s dedicated team will commence with project activities such as planning permission documentation, architectural drawings and preliminary on-site works. All team members will be informed of their tasks and responsibilities. Clients will continue to be updated on all important project info throughout the project.
4. Project performance and control
The project manager will continually compare project status and progress to actual planning. During this phase, the project manager may need to adjust schedules or perform other actions necessary to keep the project on track. Subject to such, clients will be informed of all amendments to original scheduling and compromises will be made that satisfy both parties.
5. Project close
After the project's tasks are completed and any further issues solved, we together with the client approve all works on-site and officially conclude the project. HANZO.Design always targets the best possible services and solves all problems to the client’s benefit.

HANZO.Design has ten years work warranty as well as deposit protection scheme, both backed by one of the UK’s leading insurers. Please read our guarantees page.

To see what we are capable of creating, please view our Company accreditations as well as our project galleries (portfolio, gallery, Flickr) to discover how our services can enhance your unique vision.

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