Structural Engineering

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Structural Engineering

The core skill of HANZO.Design’s engineers is the production of optimised structural designs to support any intended works.

This may include the design of steel beams needed to compensate load-bearing walls and other structures to be demolished, the foundations for your new house or extension, and other elements designed to keep your property up. Our engineers take planning drawings previously designed by our architect by our architects and inject them with structural substance.


HANZO.Design engineers discover answers to the problems or designs that are a little different or more complicated. We love a challenge – as long as the fundamentals of physics are upheld, resolutions to the most challenging designs can be found.

Structural drawings are the step that follows a HANZO.Design architect’s creation of preliminary designs. They define the form and position of all parts of a structure, providing the basis upon which all further building control drawings will be made.

Working with HANZO.Design gives you access to a truly diverse set of services. Our clients value the provision of every service they need in a single place, managed by a team of skilled professionals including engineers. Not only this – we deliver the best customer service possible. Our ability to put clients first and work transparently and collaboratively is the key to our ongoing business and fruitful collaborations.

HANZO.Design has ten years work warranty as well as deposit protection scheme, both backed by one of the UK’s leading insurers. Please read our guarantees page.

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