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Bad lighting will ruin even most beautiful and luxurious design.


Bad lighting has the potential to ruin even the most beautiful and luxurious design. Most underestimate the importance and complexity of modern electrical requirements, choosing instead to leave this area to their electrician. But lighting is essential to your dream design and is likely required to be directly linked to your security system, audio and visual system.

Just check out this electrical layout (here), and you’ll see how incredibly difficult it would be to manage this element yourself!


Say no to cheap plastic switches and supermarket lightbulbs. Discard horror stories of corner-cut lighting systems.

Discover what HANZO.Design’s professional lighting designers can offer you and include lighting in your project specification. Remember – it’s part of the package, so you don’t pay for it separately

In fact, It is almost FREE!


Save up to £100,000 and a year of your life!

to enjoy an Italian-made luxury interior design
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