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New Build Houses and Appartments


Breaking ground on a new residence is more than exciting. It is an opportunity to create a living space according to your specific desires. But it is not a small construction project.

Based on project documentation, square footage, climate conditions, availability and many more initial checks, structuring a new home can take as little as three weeks or as long as one year.

Clients must be prepared, both mentally and financially, to complete the process. There are many significant decisions to make, as well as complications to overcome, and delays to withstand. The reality is that, whether a simple starter house or lifelong dream abode, building a house is overwhelming.

So relax and engage HANZO.Design to go ahead with your new build project! We have the experience, knowledge and workforce required to deliver a dream home while adhering to all necessary procedures and legal construction regulations.

Discover in detail our Approach and How We Work and rest assured that our integrated design and build company will save you money and time. We deliver on schedule and maintain transparent client communication for optimal peace of mind throughout the project.

Save up to £100,000 and a year of your life!

to enjoy an Italian-made luxury interior design
or do it yourself.