A Guide to Keeping Your Renovation Project on Track

04 Sep 2017

A Guide to Keeping Your Renovation Project on Track

Once you have completed your spring cleaning, looking appreciatively at your home, you will still notice a couple of sneaky flaws. It can be something minor such as peeling paint or more drastic like a leaky roof. If you are like most homeowners, your next step will probably be to begin planning how you would like to restore your castle to its former glory. However, before you look for that saw and hammer or paintbrush, consider these tips for keeping your renovation project on track. Go Window Shopping Going window shopping is a good idea to get familiar with the price of materials you will need for your renovation project. It will help prepare a realistic budget. For instance, a bathroom tap may cost you around £60 to £400. To keep the project cost on track, it is ideal to know what everything will cost beforehand so that you can spend on materials and components without completely exhausting your total budget. Have the Plans Ready Complete the renovation plans and have the requisite permits in place. Select your materials or products and determine the lead time. This will allow you to order the fixtures, finishes and appliances in advance and have the items ready when they are required for installation. It is better to store all the items in your storage facility, instead of delaying construction waiting for supplies to arrive. Schedule Realistically Last-minute changes and alterations to details such as materials and structure often lead to extra work, which can delay your project. This can be avoided by setting deadlines for every phase. For example, it is better to alter the placement of windows only after you have received the building permit. An experienced and professional designer will be aware of the details of a project and will keep your project on track by sticking to realistic deadlines. Each Renovation Job has its own Pace Even if your renovation project is on schedule, keep in mind that its speed may vary. In some cases, you may get overwhelmed by numerous decisions that have to be made swiftly or irritated due to seemingly slow progress. Having a clear vision will help you make more confident and faster decisions. Maintain a Log Book During the renovation process, make a habit to jot down notes of meetings you have with your designer or architect. It will help you stay on top of your renovation project. For example, note down the dates when different aspects of the job will be inspected, this will ensure all the right personnel are on-site when required. Contact Us We all love to improve our homes, but at times a renovation may feel daunting. Call Hanzo Design today as we have some of the best project managers that can help streamline your renovation process, ensuring everything gets done on time and without any complications. We will guide you on every step of your renovation journey, making sure that you get exactly what you asked for. [wl_navigator]
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