How to Make the Most out of Student Accommodation Facilities

31 Aug 2017

Student accommodation is neither the most comfortable nor spacious accommodation options out there. Living in a small room as a student is bad enough. Residing in a poorly designed one can make the situation unbearable. To get the most out of student accommodation, you should pay a lot of attention to space usage. Making student accommodation comfortable boils down to how much of the space available has been fully utilised.
Since students spend the better part of their student life in their rooms, they should be not only habitable but also fun. Give them a reason not to complain when they eat noodles three times a day while on Netflix binge watching sessions. The rooms are the places they’ll pull all-nighters in as tests they have not studied for all semester draw closer. To make their stay uncomfortable because the designer failed to pay attention to space utilisation is unwarranted.
Saving space in student accommodation is quite easy. Here are some tips:
Encourage the Use of Storage Boxes
Clutter can make a room look small, busy and stuffed. The easiest way to ensure clutter does not pile up in a room is to use storage boxes religiously. They come in different shapes and sizes so finding a few that meet all the storage requirements of a student is almost guaranteed. To use storage boxes like a pro, institute a sorting and arrangement system.
Furniture with Storage Space
Having desks and tables with drawers can go a long way in proving extra storage space to tuck away stationery. Nonetheless, don’t sacrifice functionality and buy a desk that you won’t be comfortable working from. Studying for long hours using uncomfortable desks and chairs can be pretty taxing.
Maximize Wall Space
With proper design, walls can be pretty useful as far as storage is concerned. Wall shelves, rack, and other wall-mounted storage options can go a long way in freeing up space in the room. Things like speakers, heavy books, utensils, and TVs are better off on the wall than on desks or the floor.
Use Tall Laundry Baskets
You don’t want to see dirty laundry strewn all over a student’s room. A laundry basket will come in handy as a dirty laundry management tool. The taller the laundry basket, the better it is for the student. Tall laundry baskets can hold more dirty clothes and consume less space if they are narrow and tall rather than short and wide.
Install Removable Hooks
Hanging space can be quickly created through the use of removable hooks. With removable hooks, a student can find hanging space on their walls, doors and outside their wardrobes. Pretty much every vertical space can be turned into hanging space with removable space.
Forgo Bedside Tables for Bed Organizers
As far as storage space goes, bed organisers make much more sense than bedside tables. An excellent interior designer such as Hanzo Design can make bed organisers look fresh and give a room character. A student can use bed organisers to keep items such as toiletries, small gadgets, books, and sunglasses.[wl_cloud]

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