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Many of us have thought about extending our homes – whether it’s just adding a small conservatory to the back of your house, or building a multi-storey extension that brings a number of new rooms to your home. With property prices as they are, an extension can even be a financially sensible choice over and above moving to a bigger home.
However, many homeowners are put off by the potential stress involved in such a large home-improvement project. Do I need planning permission? Or an architect? Which tradespeople should I use? At Opun, we think building an extension should be as easy and stress-free as possible. That’s why, with our home-extension service, we take care of everything from planning permission and technical drawings to those last few finishing touches – so the only thing left to worry about is what to do with all that extra space.

Plan your extension

No matter what function you want your extension to serve, or its size, the most obvious first consideration should be placement. Remember, that in many cases, adding an extension to your home will affect the internal architecture of your existing rooms. To avoid your extension creating small, awkward ‘through rooms’, think about adding it to the kitchen or living room, especially if it’s done in an open-plan style.
Once you’ve settled on the size and placement of your extension, you can get plans drawn up showing what the end result will look like. This will help you visualise the room and decide on the best way to lay out the space in regards lighting, windows and doorways. If you’re unsure, now is a good time to consult an interior designer to help you achieve both beauty and functionality in your new room.
With the nitty-gritty details out of the way, you can start to think about the fun stuff, such as décor, materials and furnishings! For example, in the case of a new bathroom, it’s time to start picking out your dream shower, basin and taps. Think about what sort of flooring you want, as well as lighting choices. Once you’ve settled on the interior scheme, it’s time to give the go-ahead for work to commence.

Extensions we love

  • Conservatories don’t have to be modest affairs… Check out this incredible example! Not only are conservatories among the fastest and most cost-effective types of extension to build, they can also have a real ‘wow’ factor. This large conservatory brings to mind colossal Victorian orangeries that became hugely popular at the end of the 19th century. The flooring is simply the original patio, which continues seamlessly through the French windows, as per the perennial décor trend of unifying inside and outside spaces.

  • Remember: conservatories don’t have to be white. Many homeowners are put off adding conservatories to their houses because they don’t like the bright shade of white that is most commonly associated with UPVC conservatories – but this does not have to be a problem. Conservatories can be constructed from metal or wood, and come in a huge palette of colours. We particularly love this regal black conservatory, nestled among a jungle of outside greenery.

  • Remember that you don’t have to render everything! Here, an interesting, rustic/industrial feature wall has been created simply by not plastering over the property’s old exterior wall. One of the great things about single-story extensions is that you can add skylights to the roof to allow in as much natural light as possible, creating bright and airy spaces.

  • Don’t be a square! An extension doesn’t have to be a rectangular box. Subject to building regulations and planning permission, you’re free to create a new space for your home in just about any shape you desire. Look at how this beautiful, oval-shaped extension offers 360-degree views of the garden through those quaint, full-length windows.

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