Chelsea Flat

Refurbishment of 4 bedroom flat. We were referred to Hanzo.Design by our friend. As a professional couple we don't have much time but genuinely wanted to improve our flat with state of the art technology. We supplied them with our list of conditions and the funds. We found that Hanzo.Design followed our requirements and presented us with several of options. We felt we could trust them and were in good hands and chose to go with Hanzo.Design. Although the project was at a fixed price, there were, of course, some changes from our end, they provided us with reasonable prices for the upgrade. During the work, we were notified of any problems that came up mainly due to the restricted conditions of the building Managment company. First, we selected Kitchen & bathroom accessories from Harrods however; we found that their Italian products were of highest quality and decided to save our money and switched to Hanzo.Design furniture. This saving allowed us to introduce a home automation system which was a dream for my husband! Now we can control our heating and lighting through our phones! We have been very lucky to be introduced to Hanzo.Design as we have recently moved back to London from New York and would not have managed without their full support in our project. We will recommend Hanzo.Design. Paul & Marry